Main Themes, Keywords

NEA, the NEA 4,1990s Culture Wars, obscenity clause, identity politics, African-American art history, art/architecture collaborations, minimalism, craft and materials, art and design collaboration, landscape architecture, art and law, site-specific, design 

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, Interventions on Three Benches, 2016-17

While being confronted with Martin Puryear’s bench sculptures at The New School, a work commissioned during the late 80’s and the idea of the phallic symbol, I decided to produce interventions on them through my performance practice with suggestive corporeal gestures to further open a dialogue of attempted censorship during that era. These benches were made with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts during the “Culture Wars”, a period when said governmental organization was implementing a series of censorships, particularly against visual artists.

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Martin Puryear and Michael Van Valkenburgh