Andrea Geyer reads her essay The one who is the one who who is the one who is not many. Thoughts called forth by Agnes Denes’s Pascal’s Perfect Probability Pyramid & the People Paradox—The Predicament (ppppppp). This text is included in the book I Stand in My Place with My Own Day Here: Site-Specific Art at The New School. Watch the full video of the October 2, 2019 book launch here.

Andrea Geyer is a multi-disciplinary artist un-sensing the construction and politics of time. Her works use performance and video to activate the lingering potential of specific events, places, or biographies as lived in woman identified bodies. She materializes the entanglement of presence and absence of such bodies due to ideologically motivated omissions in archives and memories. Geyer is also Associate Professor of New Genres at Parsons School of Design. 



Agnes Denes